What Are Some Ways to Raise Your Credit Score?


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Raise a credit score by disputing erroneous information on the credit report, use no more than 30 percent of the available credit, and become an authorized user on a credit card account of a relative with good credit, according to Forbes. Asking for credit limit increases to increase available credit, keeping accounts open for long periods of time, using diverse types of credit and paying bills on time are other good ways to improve a credit score.

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What Are Some Ways to Raise Your Credit Score?
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Disputing errors on a credit report and ensuring the accuracy of reported information is important to establishing a good credit score. Using no more than 30 percent of available credit also demonstrates to creditors that a person can manage credit. Getting a credit score boost by being added as a user to an account of someone with good credit is a fast way of getting points added to a score.

Credit bureaus look at the length of time credit has been established, so keeping older accounts open and in good standing is important. Using a diversity of credit also looks good to creditors; small loans, car loans and credit cards all help to build good credit. Because 35 percent of a credit score derives from payment history, making payments on time is a big part of establishing a reliable payment history and raising a credit score reports Forbes.

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