What Are Some Ways to Purchase Stock Without a Broker?


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As of 2015, some ways to purchase stock without a broker include taking in part of a company's direct stock purchase plan or using the company's dividend reinvesting plan, according to Forbes. These plans allow you to save on fees that you pay when buying stock with a broker.

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Companies such as Kellog's and Pfizer enable you to invest in stock by using the company's direct stock purchase plan, explains Forbes. You save on broker's fees by directly buying shares through a corporation's transfer agent for no money or by paying a small fee to companies such as Computershare.

It is also possible to use a dividend reinvestment plan, or DRIP, to reinvest dividend payments you receive as a quarterly payment from a business in which you invest, notes Bankrate. This allows you to bypass a stock broker by directly buying stock through a company's DRIP, but you must own a share of stock from the company and register that stock in your name.

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