What Are Some Ways to Prepare for a 911 Emergency Dispatcher Test?


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Preparation methods for an emergency or police dispatcher exam include using online practice tests to become familiar with the test format and question types, reading study materials that focus on areas such as critical thinking and oral comprehension, and attending an emergency dispatcher training class. Some colleges and universities also offer more extensive courses on public safety that cover other requirements for the exam.

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Many public safety and test preparation websites offer online preparation materials that cover the topics on an emergency dispatcher exam, some of which may also contain sample tests. Taking practice tests helps to identify the different concepts and content that may appear on the exam and give the test taker a better idea of what to study. By reviewing her score, she may also learn in which areas she performs poorly, also giving her a clear indication of what she needs to study for the actual exam.

Participating in a public safety or emergency dispatch training class also helps to prepare for the exam because these classes often cover the exact topics that appear on the final test. Some private institutions may offer these training courses as single events or extended engagements, often with varying costs for admission and course materials. Similarly, a community college may also offer individual classes as part of an associates degree in public safety that highlight the concepts necessary to pass the test, though they often carry additional enrolment requirements.

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