What Are Some Ways to Find Your Personal Employment History?

Three ways to find information about a person's employment history include obtaining a detailed earnings statement from the Social Security Administration, requesting a transcript of a previous tax year from the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, and obtaining the employment history from LexisNexis. While the former can cost a fee, LexisNexis gives users a free report once a year, if the company has a file on the person, notes AllClear ID Alert Network.

The Social Security Administration allows users to view yearly earnings totals free on its website, and those who need a certified document showing employers and the totals need to pay a fee and submit Form SSA-7050, which is the Request for Earnings Information document, notes the Social Security website. The document can be downloaded from the Social Security website and mailed in.

Those who need to see employers for a specific tax year can request a transcript from the IRS online or through mail. Returns older than the past three tax years require the mailed in request. There's also an automated phone system users can call to request a transcript. Fees apply to all requests.

In order to get a previous employment record from LexisNexis, a previous employer must have done a background check on the person through the company. The request can be done over the phone or through the mail, and LexisNexis has a special form to fill out.