What Are Ways to Perform a Green Dot Money Transfer?


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Perform a Green Dot money transfer in a store using cash or by cashing a check, or online from a bank account or via direct deposit, explains Green Dot. With direct deposit, a cardholder can have paycheck funds or government benefits placed directly on his Green Dot card. Cardholders can choose to have a total paycheck or partial amount placed on the card. Cardholders can also have a tax refund deposited onto the card.

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At participating stores, cardholders can add money to a Green Dot card by swiping it at the register. There is a fee associated with this reload method and limits on the amount a cardholder can reload, according to Green Dot. At Wal-Mart stores, cardholders can cash a check and add funds to the Green Dot card at a register. The check must be preprinted and there are check cashing fees and limits associated with this reload method. This service is not available at all stores, and the cardholder cannot reload the card beyond its limits. The cardholder's receipt serves as proof of the money reload.

A cardholder can send money to another Green Dot member online. The sender must furnish the recipient's name and email address or mobile phone number and the desired transfer amount, states Green Dot. Then, Green Dot deducts the funds from the sender's card and notifies the recipient of the transfer. The recipient has 10 days to pick up the funds. Green Dot provides instructions to the recipient regarding how to claim the money. Alternatively, Green Dot cardholders can transfer money to a card from a bank account. There is a fee for this service and limits to the amount that is transferable. Cardholders may choose between a one- or three-business-day transfer.

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