What Are Some Ways to Make Money Within One Day?

What Are Some Ways to Make Money Within One Day?

Ways to make money within one day include through babysitting, selling services door to door, scrapping and holding yard sales. These options typically pay cash.

Babysitting or pet-sitting is a good way to make money fast with no investment required. A good way to start is to babysit or pet-sit for friends, family or acquaintances. Earnings depend on the employer and number of hours worked.

Selling services door to door includes washing cars or mowing lawns. These services require little or no investment, and earnings can add up significantly by offering these services to multiple clients in one day. Most of the tools required for washing cars or mowing lawns can be found at home.

Scrapping does not typically require an initial investment and is a good way to earn a little money in one day. Rummaging through junk in the garage may result in valuable metal pieces that can be sold for cash. Examples of items that can be sold for scrap include copper wires, catalytic converters, aluminum siding, aluminum cans and steel.

Lastly, holding a yard sale requires a minimal investment in signs and posters. Earnings vary depending on the number and types of items sold. Although one can hold a yard sale at any time, early Saturday morning is usually the most profitable time. Items that can be sold at the yard sale include accessories, clothing, decorative items and household goods.