What Are Some Ways to Make Money in Your Spare Time?

Some ways that people can make money in their spare time include participating in focus groups, writing on blogs, selling stuff at garage sales or on eBay, selling homemade crafts on Etsy, cleaning homes, washing cars, pet sitting, freelancing, tutoring or working as an errand worker, according to Forbes and CNN. Another idea to make money is to work as a driver, rake neighbor's leaves, shovel neighbors' snow or work as a chef through sites such as KitchenSurfing, according to Forbes.

One of the best ways for someone to find a side job is to think about their special skills, according to Bankrate. Someone who grew up around animals would be an ideal candidate for pet-sitting or dog-walking. Someone who was an excellent student and attended a top college would be an ideal candidate to teach and coach students on SAT prep.

Another great method for finding side jobs involves using apps. Apps such as Lyft or Uber allow regular people to become paid drivers. Apps such as Zaarly or TaskRabbit allow regular people to become a general errand runner, according to Forbes. Another option is to advertise services such as moving services, handyman services or writing services on Craigslist in the "jobs offered" section.