What Are Some Ways to Make Money Quickly When You Are Unemployed?


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Methods to quickly make money during unemployment include participating in paid surveys, joining a paid microtasking website, selling unwanted items or donating plasma. Certain websites offering paid work may feature varying payment thresholds and methods for disseminating payments.

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Many marketing and research companies pay participants for taking surveys, which can range in topic depending on the company offering them. These typically feature different payment amounts per survey as well as varying lengths. Most surveys also begin with a set of qualifying questions to determine eligibility, which may not result in any payments.

Paid microtasking sites allow users to sign up for an account to complete basic tasks such as clicking ads on a website or classifying keywords into different preset categories. These sites may pay users per task or for the total amount of time on the site, often offering payments through an online money service such as PayPal.

When selling unwanted items, owners need to determine the best site for the quantity of products and the involvement level they wish in the project. Auction sites expose the products to a wider base, but require packing and shipping the items, whereas classifieds sites may fetch lower prices but allow for local meetings with buyers.

Donating plasma should only occur at a licensed medical facility that includes medical staff on hand to ensure safety and sanitation among donors.

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