What Are Some Ways to Make Money Quickly?


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Some ways to get money quickly include providing neighborhood services, donating plasma and selling personal items at a garage sale. Individuals can also get quick cash by recycling bottles and cans or selling their gift cards.

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Providing services such as babysitting to the neighborhood or friends and family is a good way to make fast cash. Babysitting is a service that is easy for just about anyone to do and can provide regular work if the person advertises himself enough. Someone who has more flexibility, such as overnights and weekends, can get even more work for this service.

Donating plasma requires going to a clinic or donation center and having the personnel there collect the liquid part of blood with red and white cells. The amount varies, and there is a limit of only donating a couple times a week. However, this often pays cash on the same day.

Selling things at a garage sale or selling old gift cards is another good option. With gift cards, people are willing to pay cash for them when they pay less than what the gift card is actually worth. At garage sales, individuals can set any price for items such as home goods, clothing, electronics and furniture to get cash on the same day.

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