What Are Some Ways to Make Free Mobile Payments Online?


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Make free mobile payments online by creating accounts with sites such as PayPal.com, Venmo.com or Cash.me and downloading the site's corresponding mobile app, which allows you to link to a bank account and send money. Alternately, many banks offer mobile payment services at no additional charge to current customers through Web and smartphone apps.

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PayPal.com allows users to create an account for free, through which they may receive payments from other users or link an existing bank account to transfer funds into the PayPal account. The company gives users the ability to make payments using the available balance in the PayPal account for free to any other PayPal user, as well as individuals who have yet to sign up for an account. It is possible to make payments from the company's mobile app or from the mobile website or desktop website.

Venmo.com functions in a similar fashion, wherein users must create an account in order to make payments. To make payments, users must have sufficient funds in the Venmo account or link an external funding source from which to draw the money.

Cash.me also offers free payments and money transfers between users after they set up an account with the site using a phone number or email address.

Many banks offer customers a bill payment or money transfer service as part of an online banking system, which may be available through the bank's smartphone app under a payments or transfers section.

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