What Are Some Ways to Make Fast Money?


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Selling clothing and jewelry at a nearby consignment store is one way to make fast money, notes Cosmopolitan. Another option is to sell to an online consignment site, such as eBay Valet. Other ways to make fast cash include pet sitting, taking online surveys and participating in focus groups.

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Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is an online marketplace where workers can earn quick cash taking surveys, writing articles and performing other short tasks, according to Business Insider. Microworkers and Fiverr are similar marketplaces that offer comparable short tasks and fast money. Selling unwanted items is also a way to get quick cash, and eBay, Amazon and Craigslist are a few sites where users can sell these items.

Plasma donation can garner donors money in about an hour, explains U.S. News. The amount donors receive varies by center and by donor size, but some earn as much as a few thousand dollars a year for regular donations. Another source of quick income is babysitting or pet sitting. Jobs can be found by spreading the word through family and friends, and there are also online marketplaces specifically for care givers, such as SitterCity.com and Care.com.

A yard sale or garage sale can also make fast money, notes U.S. News. Garage and yard sales may require a few days to organize, but the payoff is immediate and in cash.

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