What Are Some Ways to Make Extra Money?

Ways to make extra money include donating plasma, babysitting, recycling, having a yard or garage sale and selling unused gift cards. The amount of money an individual is paid and how quickly he is paid can vary.

The fee earned for donating plasma depends on how much the individual weighs, since those with more body weight have more plasma to donate. As of 2013, an individual could make between $15 and $40 for donating plasma, depending on the plasma center. It usually takes up to an hour to donate plasma, and afterward the donor is paid with a check or a prepaid debit card.

Babysitting fees are dictated by the area in which the sitter lives. An individual who wishes to babysit regularly to make extra cash can join special babysitting websites or advertise her babysitting services to family and friends and on social media.

Items that can be recycled for money include aluminum cans, old computer equipment, old tires and printer cartridges. As of 2013, a person could expect to receive 40 cents for a full pound of aluminum cans. If the recycled item has to be mailed in rather than dropped off at a recycling center, it might take a few weeks to receive payment.