What Are Some Ways to Locate Life Insurance Policies for Deceased People?


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To locate the missing life insurance of a deceased person, potential beneficiaries should employ several tactics and resources, including searching through the person's financial papers, searching bank records and cancelled checks, checking tax records for withdrawals and dividends and looking through address books for financial contacts who may know about the life insurance, says Kiplinger. The person taking all these steps should have the legal right to do so.

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If the person was working at the time of the death, it may also be helpful to contact the person's employer to investigate if there was a life insurance policy held through work, according to Kiplinger. Former employers may also be helpful in providing clues about past coverage that may lead to insurers under which she was covered at death.

If none of these strategies yield results, some states provide services that help beneficiaries find lost life insurance policies from deceased relatives, explains Kiplinger. Even if the state does not provide such services, they have access to lists of insurers that are licensed to practice in the state, which can be called to investigate further. As a last resort, potential beneficiaries with legal privileges can gain access to medical records regarding the underwriting of an insurance policy through data bases such as those of the Medical Information Bureau.

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