What Are Some Ways for Kids to Make Money?


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There are many ways kids can earn money beyond the classic paper route and lemonade stand. Kids can baby-sit after the age of 11, do yard or housework, care for dogs, or mow lawns.

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What Are Some Ways for Kids to Make Money?
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The ways kids can make money is limited by labor laws: children under 16 can work in a non-agricultural business owned by their parents or persons standing in the place of their parents. The exceptions to the law are newspaper routes, acting work or making evergreen wreaths. Within that parameter, kids are limited by imagination only. Kids can offer to help the neighbors with household management. They can get involved in the family business, providing it is not the manufacturing or mining sectors. In the teen years, they can work retail, local laws permitting.

Children can take the Red Cross babysitting course at the age of 11 to train for babysitting. The course teaches child care skills and also helps kids to promote themselves as serious caretakers. Prior to age 11, kids can offer to work as mother's helpers who assist a parent at home with a child.

In addition to the value of spending money, working teaches children many valuable lessons, notes About.com. They learn about responsibility to others, time management and the value of a dollar.

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