What Are Some Ways to Find Jobs Painting Houses?


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Find jobs painting houses by searching on local classifieds sites such as Craigslist.org and job hunting sites such as Monster.com as well as by networking with other painters and paint companies. Another option is to advertise painting services through community sites and social media to generate jobs. Alternatively, reach out to clients and paint supply stores for referrals.

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Painters looking to find jobs painting houses with larger companies should search on employment opportunity sites, such as Monster.com, using the location and keyword filtering options to narrow results to relevant posts. Many construction, home restoration or general maintenance companies use these sites to post openings for painter positions for full-time or hourly employees. Classifieds sites such as Craigslist.org may also contain posts for full-time work with local painting companies as well as contract jobs that only offer work for a single job or day.

Advertising your own painting services on social media accounts or with location-based online ads can help lead to more house painting jobs, either as a single contractor or as the sole proprietor of a company. Social media also allows painters to find work by connecting with other workers, companies and potential clients. Similarly, getting to know the employees at paint and hardware stores increases the chances of the associates recommending you to clients looking to complete such projects.

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