What Are Some Ways to Instantly Transfer Cash Into Your PayPal Account?

Some ways to add cash to a PayPal account include using the GreenDot @ the Register service, purchasing a PayPal My Cash card and sending money to the account using MoneyGram. Costs for each of these services runs $3.95, $3.95 and $4.95 to $5.95 respectively, as of November 2015.

GreenDot @ the Register requires account holders to print out a special bar code they take to the register for scanning, and when they give the cashier the cash, the cashier scans the code, which adds funds to a specific PayPal account. Account holders purchase PayPal My Cash cards just like other prepaid cards, choosing the amount of cash they wish to add from $20 to $500. The account holder then visits the PayPal My Cash website, logs into his account and enters the numbers found under the scratch-off section on the back of the purchased My Cash card.