What Are Some Ways to Improve Employee Morale in the Workplace?

Methods for improving employee morale in the workplace include implementing recognition and compensation programs, setting company goals that result in celebrations or similar activities and increasing the emphasis on the good effects employees have on the company. Other ideas include planning a company outing, offering on-site perks and modifying existing policies.

One basic concept behind improving employee morale is to make each worker feel that the company appreciates the work she does so that she has a stronger motivation to carry out her responsibilities and strive for excellence. In many cases, companies can accomplish this through an incentive program tailored to match the work of the company or a specific department. For example, a sales manager may offer a financial bonus to employees who meet a minimum sales goal. This motivates the employees to put effort into their work and includes a direct token of appreciation for the actions.

Another option is to set a company-wide goal tied directly to a particular project or benchmark. If the company as a whole meets this goal, every employee receive a reward such as a gift card or tickets to a nearby attraction or sporting event. Companies can also throw parties for the employees to celebrate holidays or major milestones, allowing employees to focus on the fun of the event. In some cases, the company can increase morale by modifying its rules, such as abolishing a corporate dress code.