What Are Some Ways to Identify Personal Weaknesses for a Job Interview?


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Individuals can identify personal weaknesses for a job interview by assessing personal traits and job performance abilities and determining which areas need work. Examples of these areas are meetings, working with teams and self-motivation. Explaining the rationale behind disliked activities helps to further analyze the weakness.

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What Are Some Ways to Identify Personal Weaknesses for a Job Interview?
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Asking about strengths and weaknesses is common in job interviews. Applicants can prepare for this question by exploring their previous personal and work experiences. For example, someone with trouble working in groups can acknowledge that fact, own it and explain it.

Instead of simply stating the weakness, applicants should explain the reasons behind it, admitting the weakness but putting it in a positive light. Someone with difficulty working in groups could say she works well and gets a lot done when working independently and acting on her own ideas and explain that when she works in a larger group, it slows her down and distracts her from the goal. This way, the potential employer knows that the applicant is honestly divulging a weakness but that there is a reason and a strength behind it.

When identifying personal weaknesses, it's best to avoid turning a strength into a weakness. For example, boasting about being a workaholic can make an applicant appear arrogant and does not impress a potential employer.

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