What Are Some Ways to Get Free Grocery Coupons Through the Mail?


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Ways to get free grocery coupons through the mail include signing up for free samples, requesting manufacturer coupons and starting a coupon train. Coupons received in the mail often offer more value than printable coupons.

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Signing up for free samples is one of the best ways to get free grocery coupons through the mail. Manufacturers often accompany free samples with grocery coupons to entice customers into shopping for their products after trying the samples. These coupons typically offer big savings and have a generous expiration date. A good way to get free samples is to sign up to grocery coupon websites, newsletters and social media pages.

Getting grocery coupons mailed directly from the manufacturer is another good way to save money. Visiting a product manufacturer website, finding their contact information, and writing an email complimenting the product and asking if they offer free samples and coupons is a good way to obtain coupons. Another way to do this is to sign up for the company mailing list to receive coupons or free samples.

Lastly, a coupon train pulls resources from family, friends, co-workers and neighbors interested in collecting coupons. The train works by all members mailing coupons that they are not using to the first member on the list. This member removes the coupons she is interested in, adds coupons she is not using, and mails them to the second member on the list, and so on.

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