What Are Some Ways to Generate Mortgage Leads?


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A mortgage representative generates leads by collaborating with real estate agents and home builders, offering free information in exchange for readers' email addresses and holding information sessions with niche groups. Marketing techniques that keep a representative's name in front of potential buyers are usually more effective than paid-placement advertising.

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Mortgage representatives encourage referrals from real estate agents and homebuilders by helping them market their businesses, serving as a source of financing information and working side-by-side with them at open houses and community events. Supplying branded items such as mortgage calculators and folios to hold listing sheets and notes, which agents and builders can share with their buyers, is also helpful.

Social media presents an opportunity for mortgage representatives to establish themselves as authorities. Offering useful information on business pages and blogs helps representatives build readership, and enticing readers to share their email addresses in exchange for premium information helps convert readers to hot leads. Use the email addresses to contact readers on a regular basis with useful information about personal finance.

Niche groups such as veterans and teachers have unique needs and, in many cases, unique financing options. It's relatively easy to hold seminars for these groups because events can be planned in the places where they socialize or work. Attendees should be required to register with their names and contact information so the mortgage representative can follow up with a series of informative emails or newsletters.

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