What Are Some Ways to Earn Money Immediately?


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Some ways to earn money immediately include taking items from around the home, such as aluminum cans, printing cartridges, tires and old metal piping, and bringing them to a recycling center. People can also recycle old computer electronics for money. Selling books online at places such as Sellercentral.amazon.com or children's clothing on websites such as Thredup.com can also generate immediate cash.

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A yard sale is a good way to bring in some extra money. Items to sell range from used electronics to children's clothing. Advertise online and in local papers to attract business to your sale.

Selling gift cards for cash and donating blood plasma is a good way to earn cash. Selling gift cards may bring in up to 90 percent of their value on websites such as CardCash.com. Combining a few different methods of activities that generate income can bring in even more money.

Another idea to make immediate cash is to rent out a room or piece of equipment such as a lawn mower. Airbnb.com and Homeaway.com allow homeowners to rent rooms in their homes, and people don't necessarily have to live in tourist locations to find patrons. Websites such as loanables.com allow people to rent out items from clothing to garden tools.

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