What Are Some Ways to Get Discounts on Gas?


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Effective ways to get discounts on gas include buying discounted gas gift cards, utilizing smartphone apps, using gas rewards cards and avoiding gas stations that charge for motorists to pay with a credit card. Additional methods of saving on gas include keeping up with routine maintenance, reducing the overall weight in an automobile and filling up on gas during the middle of the week in the early morning.

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With a discounted gas gift card, available on websites, a motorist can pay $50 for a gift card worth more. Gas rewards cards are a good choice for individuals who do a lot of driving. While rewards cards can offer a motorist a discount on fuel, they can also come with high interest rates, making it beneficial for cardholders to pay off as much of their balance as possible before the end of the month. Rewards can be earned faster by sharing the card with family and friends.

To make up for the processing fees that come with accepting credit, some gas stations pass the cost of that fee on to customers who pay with a credit card. To avoid this extra cost, it's best to opt for stations where paying with a debit or credit card is no different than paying with cash.

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