What Are Some Ways to Determine the Selling Price of Petrobras Stock?


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To find the U.S. price of Petrobras stock, visit a personal finance website such as Google Finance, and enter the company's U.S. ticker symbol in the search field. Petrobras is a Brazilian company that trades in the United States as an American Depositary Receipt on the New York Stock Exchange, indicates the company. Its common stock trades under the symbol PBR, and its preferred shares trade as PBRA. In each case, one ADR represents two shares of stock.

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ADRs are financial instruments that allow U.S. investors to purchase stocks of foreign companies, explains Investopedia. The use of ADRs began in 1927 and provide a way for investors to avoid the foreign exchange and tax issues that arise from cross-border investments. To create an ADR, a U.S. bank purchases shares of the foreign company and lists them on a U.S. exchange. ADRs trade like U.S.-based stocks and are subject to Securities and Exchange Commission oversight. The foreign company provides periodic financial disclosures to the listing bank.

Petrobras trades on the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange, notes the company's website. Its common shares trade under the symbol PETR3 and its preferred shares trade as PETR4. To find Petrobras' price in Brazil, visit the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange's website, type Petrobras in the search bar, and select Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. Petrobras from the results. The company overview displays its common and preferred stock prices in Brazilian Reals, indicates the exchange's website.

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