What Are Some Ways to Get Coupons for Qwik Park?

Customers looking for coupons or discounts for Qwik Park can use sites such as PromoPro.com or QwikPark.com. The offers on these sites change periodically, so users may find different offerings on each visit, as discussed by each website.

QwikPark.com provides coupons that users can print out and take with them to the parking area. As customers come into the parking area, a bus or shuttle picks them up and takes them directly to the Detroit Airport. The parking area is fenced and lighted to help provide security for the vehicles parked there.

As of 2015 the coupons may have a limit to the number of days customers can use them, so users are advised to read the details on each offer carefully. These coupons can also be used when making reservations for the parking area. Users should print the tickets out in black and white to save ink and to follow the site instructions, according to QwikPark.com. Following the instructions ensures the validity of the coupon.

PromoPro.com offers several of the same discounts as QwikPark.com as of 2015, but the site also has several other options not listed on the company's page. PromoPro.com provides package discounts that let users get deals on parking, flying and their hotel stay. The prices and options for these packages can vary and change periodically. In addition to the long-stay parking discounts, there are discounts for drive-up daily parking and also weekly rate discounts.