What Are Some Ways to Get Coupons for Peter Piper Pizza?

To get coupons for Peter Piper Pizza, visit the official home page for this pizza restaurant and also look through coupon sites such as SavingStory.com and Offer.com. Peter Piper Pizza is a chain of restaurants with locations in Texas, New Mexico, Mexico and Arizona, notes PeterPiperPizza.com.

Customers can find free coupons by going to PeterPiperPizza.com and clicking on the Coupons tab found at the top right-hand side of the home page. On the new page that appears, enter the ZIP code or city name where there are locations of these restaurants, such as Dallas or Phoenix. Click on the pizza shop location closest to the home address, and then click on the link to see coupons at that particular location. To print the coupons, click on the Get Coupon tab.

Another way to get coupons, special offers and incentives for this pizza restaurant is to subscribe to Club Piper. The link to join this free club is at the bottom of the company's official home page.

Many coupon sites may also offer promotional codes and special deals for Peter Piper Pizza. As of September 2015, SavingStory.com has promo codes for different sizes of pizza and a free 20-ounce drink with the purchase of an adult lunch buffet meal. Additionally, Offer.com also lists deals that redirect customers back to the PeterPiperPizza.com home page to get coupons.