What Are Some Ways to Get Coupon Codes for Spirit Air?

Spirit Air coupons or discounts can be found on the airline's official website and on Coupons.com and DealsPlus.com. The discounts may apply to fares, bag rates and flight miles for certain programs that the company offers as of 2015. Some of the discounts require customers to meet specific booking requirements in order to remain valid, states Spirit.com.

Spirit.com has several discounts that must be booked and processed directly through the website in order for them to remain valid. As of 2015, the discounts include low rates on one-way airfares, vacation packages to specific cities and car rental discounts. The prices listed on the discounts may not include any applicable taxes or fees. Not all locations may be available for these discounts, but the site provides the information on where the discounts are valid, notes Spirit.com. Trips booked before the end date of the coupon or promotion do not have to be taken during that time; they may be scheduled for a future date and time from a choice of airports.

DealsPlus.com and Coupons.com carry many of the same offers on their sites as those that are available on the airline's official website. When users click on the available offers, they are given the options to get a code to use online, print out a coupon or form or be taken to Spirit.com to process the discount.