What Are Some Ways to Contact Zeepad Customer Service?


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For customer service pertaining to the Zeepad tablets, customers can call the customer service line at 951-372-9393. Additionally, product inquiries can be sent to: info@MyEpads.com, or customers can directly contact the company through the contact form located at WorryFreeGadgets.com or MyEpads.com.

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Zeepad products are manufactured by Worry Free Gadgets, which has two different websites for its products: WorryFreeGadgets.com and MyEpads.com. A customer service line is available for customers between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time from Monday through Friday. Additionally, WorryFreeGadgets.com recommends that customers email the company at info@MyEpads.com to resolve any inquiries.

For further assistance, customers are able to reach the company through the contact forms available on both websites. To locate the contact forms at WorryFreeGadgets.com, scroll to the page footer, and select Contact Us. Fill out the provided form with a name, email and the product information along with the inquiry. To locate the contact form on MyEpads.com, click the Contact Us link on the top navigation bar. The provided form is similar to the form at WorryFreeGadgets.com; fill it out accordingly to receive feedback in regards to the product in question. Emailing or sending inquiries through the contact form may result in a wait period of an additional one or two days.

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