What Are Some Ways for Companies to Find Good Employees?


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Finding good employees starts with deciding what kinds of skills and character traits are most desired for the job, then targeting ads and search efforts to reaching people who have those qualifications. Willingness to hire someone who does not meet every item on the checklist but who seems great for most of them can increase the chances of getting a suitable employee. Offering competitive pay, benefits and perks can help convince a good candidate to accept a job offer.

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Distinguishing between which skills and traits are must-haves and which are wish-list items or things that can be developed on the job both refines and broadens the chances of finding optimal employees. A specific license, certificate or degree may be a legal requirement, but if it's not, then equivalent experience, a similar degree or completion of relevant courses may be enough to avoid ruling out an otherwise solid candidate.

Ads and job posts showing accurate requirements lists are more likely to attract the people who meet those needs. Managers and recruiters searching online for qualified people can better focus the search using more accurate keywords. Clearly differentiating between requirements and preferred skills means that automated resume readers can sort resumes optimally.

Ways to publicize job openings include traditional newspaper ads and posts on job sites, on the company's own website, on Craigslist and on LinkedIn. Tweeting openings on Twitter is another method. Networking to find good people, asking employees to refer people and using recruiting agencies are other ways.

Accepting some risk can net some great employees. Someone who has been out of work may need a few weeks to ramp up again, but it can be worth the investment. A manager wishing to return to front-line work may truly be happier doing that kind of job.

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