What Are Some Ways to Find a Checking Account Balance?

Some ways to find out the balance of a checking account include using an ATM machine, calling the bank, using the bank's website and going in person to ask, suggests Commerce Bank. Some form of identification may be required to obtain account information.

Individuals can usually sign up for online banking services on their bank's website to see the checking account's balance and a list of transactions that have occurred. Those consumers with multiple checking accounts may also be able to see all balances this way, mentions Santander Bank. If Internet access is not available, banks usually have a phone number, often on the back of the debit card for the account, that customers can call for balance information.

Those who prefer to get the information in person can use an ATM machine if they have a debit card and a personal identification number. Otherwise, they can speak to a bank teller at a local branch for assistance.