What Are Some Ways to Get a Free Card Reader?


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Many businesses such as BluePay, Quickbooks and Pay Pal offer free credit card readers, and obtaining one of these free credit card readers is often as simple as signing up for an account online and requesting a card. These businesses profit by charging the user a percentage of the amount the user charges to a customer using the card reader.

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Most of the websites offering free card readers simply require the user to set up an account and request a card reader to attach to a cell phone. For example, Pay Pal offers a card reader to anyone who wishes to set up an account to accept payments via Pay Pal. Pay Pal then charges the user 2.7 percent of each transaction, as of October 2015. Amazon Register charges $10 for its card reader but credits the $10 to the user's Amazon account. Amazon Register charges 2.5 percent of customer transactions for use of its card reader.

Similarly, Quickbooks offers a free card reader with multiple fee options. One option does not require a monthly fee but instead charges the user a 2.4 percent transaction fee charge and a 25-cent surcharge per transaction. Alternatively, users may pay a monthly fee of $19.95 per month in exchange for a swiping fee of 1.6 percent and a 25-cent surcharge per transaction. Like other providers, Quickbooks requires users to sign up online and request a card reader.

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