What Are Some Ways to Becoming Rich Overnight?


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Gambling, marrying or being born to a wealthy person, finding valuable items, suing, accepting money to refrain from disclosing information and investing money in successful ventures are some ways that people have achieved wealth without working for it, according to Bloomberg.com. There is really no way to earn a guaranteed sum of money in a single day. It should be noted that virtually every method of becoming rich overnight involves a large amount of luck.

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Some people become wealthy by winning the lottery, betting money on a horse, or winning the prize in a competition of skill. Others are born wealthy, inherit a large sum of money upon the death of a relative, marry a wealthy person or receive a large settlement upon divorce. Occasionally, a wealthy person is willing to pay a large amount to a former lover to prevent them from disclosing the affair.

Some individuals sell valuable items for large amounts of money, such as comic books, vintage toys or sports memorabilia. Yard sale and thrift shop finds, such as art, occasionally sell for huge amounts of money. Lucky homeowners might be able to sell their land to a developer or receive money from resource companies if there is oil under the land, or they can use a metal detector to find buried treasure in their backyard. Investing in a wildly successful stock or business can be profitable. Finally, a person seeking to become rich can sometimes win money in a lawsuit.

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