What Are the Best Ways to Answer Interview Questions?


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Answering interview questions sufficiently requires preparation in advance, through studying common interview questions, crafting responses and practicing. Although interview questions vary among employers, many overlap or share common themes, such as looking at candidates' past performance, strengths and weaknesses. Preparing responses to common interview questions helps candidates smoothly and accurately respond during actual interviews, notes Forbes.

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What Are the Best Ways to Answer Interview Questions?
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Upon submitting applications to jobs, most employees undergo the first phase of screening from the human resources (HR) department. After being selected as candidates, they meet with hiring managers. Managers want to ensure they hire the right person for the job. They inquire about compatibility with others, past accomplishments and struggles, character strengths and weaknesses, and what makes employees suited for the role.

When asked about past experiences, employers want to know how candidates' work histories equips them for the hiring position, say authors at Forbes. This requires comparing and contrasting the former and potential future employer, and identifying specific skills and traits applicants possess that translate to success in both. Knowing what tactics worked to create past job successes helps candidates as well, as they can point to specific examples of using those strengths.

Demonstrating a capacity to work harmoniously with people on all levels of the corporate ladder and with different personality traits helps make candidates successful in interviews. Transforming personal weaknesses into potential strengths shows honesty and initiative, a bonus for hiring managers.

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