What Are Some Ways a 13-Year-Old Can Make Money?


There are several jobs a 13-year old can do to earn spending money. Babysitting young children is a service desired by many parents. This job is perfect for a young tween that enjoys children, has an abundance of patience and is able to handle the responsibility. Tutoring younger children in subjects like reading, writing and math is a rewarding job; tutoring is ideal for teens that desire to teach.

Teens that love pets can offer pet care services, such as dog walking, dog washing or pet sitting. Offering to walk dogs is a great way to get exercise while helping pets stay active. Set up a dog-washing service on the weekends, and have pet owners bring dogs over for a bath. A tub, garden hose and shampoo is required to perform the washing. Pet owners also appreciate having a responsible young person take care of their cat or pooch while they are away from home.

The holidays are a great time to start a gift-wrapping service. Gift wrapping is a fun job that entails neatly wrapping all sorts of items and adorning them with ribbon. Other ideas include assisting parents with throwing birthday parties for young children or helping family and neighbors clean the house, garage, car or yard for a fee.