What Is the Best Way to Write a Business Letter Asking for a Donation?


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Write an effective business letter asking for a donation by using clear and professional language, introducing yourself and your cause and explaining how the donor's contribution will benefit the organization or activity. Refrain from a forceful or threatening tone, and thank them for taking the time to consider your organization.

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A business letter asking for a donation should utilize standard formatting and include your name and position within the organization in the heading, along with the name, address and website of the organization. Open the letter with a courteous yet formal greeting, addressing the recipient by name if available, and then briefly introduce yourself and the organization before stating that you are reaching out to them to request their help in meeting a goal or project. In the next paragraph, go into greater detail about what the organization does, using as many specific examples as possible while keeping the language friendly and clear.

The next paragraph needs to explain why you are requesting the donation, relating back to the specific project or activity you are attempting to fund. Prove the donor with a a list of the ways the money may help the organization to help them understand that the money can have a direct impact. For example, if you are raising money for a charity that takes underprivileged youths on field trips, tell the donor about the next scheduled field trip. End the letter by thanking them and including the details on how to donate if they choose to do so.

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