What Is the Best Way to Track Medicare Claims?


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Check the status of Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B claims by visiting the My Medicare website or reading the Medicare Summary Notice. Check the status of Medicare Part D claims by reading the Explanation of Benefits. Check Medicare Part C claims by contacting the plan's provider.

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As of 2015, members can check the status of Medicare Part A, or hospital insurance, and Medicare Part B, or medical insurance, claims by logging into MyMedicare.gov. The website shows the most up-to-date claim information available. Claim information should be viewable within 24 hours of processing. Information may be downloaded and saved via the website.

Alternately, those needing to check the status of Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B claims may reference their Medicare Summary Notice. This notice is mailed to Original Medicare recipients every three months. The document shows all services and supplies billed to Medicare for the previous three months on behalf of the insured, as well as out-of-pocket amounts owed to medical providers.

Medicare Prescription Drug plan, or Medicare Part D claims may be reviewed by referencing the Explanation of Benefits Document. This document is mailed to members on a monthly basis, though it is only sent out for months that members fill prescriptions. The Explanation of Benefits statement provides a description of prescription claims and costs.

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