What Is the Best Way for Someone With a Felony Record to Find an Apartment?


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Ways to find an apartment with a felony record include seeking out owners who don't run background checks, dealing with the apartment's owner instead of a management company and seeking out community groups that help individuals with felony records. A person should also be honest about his record.

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A good way to find owners who don't run background checks is to see if there are any local real estate agents who are familiar with helping felons find housing. Agents who have experience with residential leasing might also be a good source of information.

Apartment buildings and complexes where there aren't very many units are usually a good indication that potential tenants will be dealing with the owner instead of a management company. A felon can have a better chance of being accepted for an apartment by dealing directly with an owner than he might with a management company that adheres to strict screening policies.

Some communities offer special postrelease services to felons, including housing services and assessment. These groups might also have a special guide that includes housing resources felons can use. No matter what type of housing the felon finds, he should always be honest about his past and record, in order to avoid the possibility of being automatically rejected for withholding the truth.

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