What Is the Best Way to Ship an Xbox?

Prevent unwanted damage when shipping an Xbox by wrapping the system in a protective covering, such as bubble wrap, and finding a package that fits the system comfortably with minimal extra space. Seal the package then take it to a local postal service or parcel shipment company, and ask the carrier to mark the package as fragile.

When shipping an Xbox console for sale or to return to Microsoft for repairs, begin by locating all the necessary components for the shipment. Most official repairs through Microsoft only require the console and not the controllers or cables. Online sales may include these peripherals, which can incur damage when sitting in the same box as the console. It may be necessary to ship these items in a separate package to preserve their integrity.

Make sure there are no discs in the console or protruding cables, and wrap the system in a protective material to help absorb the shock of any falls or blows during transit. Wrap the material tightly around the system, covering all corners and sides. Place the system in a box that has just enough space for it to keep it snug and reduce movement. When using larger boxes, add padding in the form of packing paper or air cushions. Always tell the carrier that the package contains fragile contents so that it receives the appropriate designation.