What Is the Best Way to Sell 2 Acres of Land?


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The best way to sell 2 acres of land is to hire a professional to evaluate the land and then create listings for it on small-area land sale websites, such as LotFlip.com. Other websites, such as eBay.com and Craigslist.org, can also be used to sell land as well.

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A proper land appraisal and evaluation is a key aspect of completed a successful sale, as both disproportionately high or low prices drive away potential buyers. If an owner tries to see land for more than its worth, buyers simply ignore the postings and move on, while buyers who see land priced too low typically assume that there is a hidden issue with the land and also avoid making inquires. A professional evaluation should take into account the location of the land, any properties on it and any special features, such as natural resources.

Once a land owner obtains a proper valuation, she can proceed to create the posting on an auction or classifieds site. A successful posting should include multiple high resolution and well-lit photos of the land to allow buyers to gain a proper understanding of the property. Posts should also contain positive and honest copy that covers the best features of the land.

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