Is There a Way to Get Free Samples of MeUndies Products?

MeUndies does not give away free samples of its products, but the company does give customers a $20 referral credit for sending friends to shop at its website, as of 2015. To receive a referral credit, the person who receives the email invite must click the personal referral link.

Customers who earn the $20 referral credit must wait up to three business days for the credit to land in the account. Another stipulation is that the referral, and person referring the friend, must make purchases equal to or more than $20. Receiving a MeUndies gift card is another way to order its products free, or practically free, and gift cards are redeemed by submitting the gift card code at the MeUndies website before shopping.

MeUndies gift cards have no expiration date, and recipients can use them to purchase any item. Gift cards are sent via email, and recipients can check how much money is left on the card at the account page.

MeUndies uses a monthly subscription model to sell its range of products for men and women, and customers save money when becoming members. New customers are required to sign up using an email address before making a final purchase. Customers who subscribe choose a membership plan and pay a specific amount each month, which is automatically charged to a credit card.