What Is the Way to Request an Employment Verification Letter?

In order to request an employment verification letter, the requester should submit the request in writing with his or her name, job title, current pay rate and reason for request. If the request is being made by a new prospective employer, additional information, such as date of birth or Social Security number may be required.

An employment verification letter is generated in response to a request by either the current or past employee or his or her new employer. The data is used to verify previous employment information given on a job application or in a resume. The specific steps to request the information will vary depending on the company, but the basics generally remain the same.

Step 1: Complete a request form

Most companies will have a formal employment verification request form that needs to be completed in order to release the information. Sometimes, this can be done online or through an automated phone line. Be sure to indicate where the information should be sent.

Step 2: Follow up

Once the request has been submitted, wait the indicated number of days for a response. The response time can range anywhere from 2 to 10 business days or more. Follow up with the prospective employer to ensure the information has been received and is accurate. If there are any inaccuracies, address those with the institution in question.