What Are Some Way to Obtain a PIN Number for a Credit Card?

Contact the bank that issued the credit card to obtain a Personal Identification Number if it is not sent in the mail along with the card. Another option is to request for a credit card with a chip and PIN depending on the bank, suggests USA Today. American Express allows online registration of a credit card PIN after successfully answering identification questions, as stated on its website.

A credit card PIN is effective in reducing card fraud and increases the security of transactions, explains CNN. In contrast to older magnetic stripe credit cards that rely on signatures that can easily be forged, chip cards that use a PIN make transactions up to 700 percent more secure, according to the Federal Reserve. If the issuing bank has not sent out a credit card with a PIN, request a new card that has this feature.

The new PIN replaces a signature at checkout on swiping a credit card, explains The Verge. American Express chip cards include a magnetic stripe at the back, which works at non chip-enabled terminals, states the American Express official site. To get a PIN using the company's online services, log in to its portal, select the option to choose the PIN and answer the identification questions. Proceed to enter and confirm a new four-digit PIN. Alternatively, use the interactive voice response system to choose a PIN.