What Is the Best Way to Keep Track of Your Employees' Weekly Schedules?


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The best way to keep track of employees' weekly schedules is to create a physical or digital filing system. The Federal Labor Standards Act requires records to include the day each employee's week begins, the hours worked each day and the total hours worked each week for two years.

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A filing system requires well-coordinated spreadsheets or a collection of time cards, files and file cabinets broken down into daily or weekly schedules per employee. Standard tracking methods include an electronic time clock or computer that an employee punches two to four times a day, depending on break schedules. Either apparatus prints out a physical record of each employee's time card. Another option is to dedicate a specific employee the task of maintaining each employee's records by marking time on a spreadsheet.

Because physical systems take up space and cost valuable time, many business owners opt for paying a monthly or yearly fee for computer software that does the work for them. This is an advantage for large companies or companies with off-site employees. Employees access a website or application and sign in or out to keep track of hours. Entrepreneur.com recommends a few of these programs, including the Web-based tool Toggl for simple schedule tracking and the software application Tick for schedule tracking and project management.

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