What Is the Best Way to Deal With Collection Calls From United Recovery Systems?


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The best way to deal with collection calls from United Recovery Systems is for the debtor to come up with a plan and explain the situation, according to About.com. If the company calls with harassing messages, the individual should simply disconnect.

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When contacting United Recovery Systems, the debtor should calmly explain his current financial situation, explains About.com. It is important to remain polite and respectful and not to scream, yell or get upset. It also may help to speak to a manager who can assist the debtor with a payment plan or other solution to lower credit card payments or reduce interest rates. Persistence in asking for this manager may be necessary.

People should have a plan in place as to how to pay the debt, states About.com. This should include a budget, and the debtor should explain how much he can pay United Recovery Systems every month. Though this does not stop a debtor from the possibility of destroying credit, it is a good-faith effort, and it may stop a creditor from taking a person to court to get payment. To pay these bills, a debtor may have to allow other bills to slide. It is important to always pay the house payment first if owning a home, and if the debt is too much, it is best to sell the home.

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