Is There a Way to Contact Doctors by Fax?


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It is relatively simple to contact a doctor by fax, provided that you have the doctor's fax number, and access to a working fax machine. Call the doctor's office to obtain the fax number.

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To send a fax, first make sure that your fax machine is plugged into both a power outlet and a working phone jack. After turning the fax machine on, load your documents face-up in the document feeder tray, in the order that you want them to be received. Your cover sheet, which includes your name, your doctor's name, and your phone number, should be the first page loaded. Next, dial the doctor's fax number into the keypad. Finally, press the "send" button on your fax machine, at which point each loaded page begins to scan. After a few minutes, you should receive a confirmation that the doctor's office received your fax.

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