What Is the Way to Become a Professional Photographer?

Formal education is usually not required to become a professional photographer, but if pursuing a career as a photojournalist or scientific photographer, a person might need a bachelor's degree. Photography requires a mixture of artistic ability and organizational skills.

A good way to start in the photography field is to take photography classes. These classes help amateurs learn the fundamentals of photography, including the impact lens and light can have on an image. Classes can be taken individually or as part of a degree plan. If taking the classes as part of a degree, a person may have to also take classes in art and color theory.

The next move is to get experience. Participating in an internship or working as an assistant provides on-the-job experience. Ideally, the internship should be performed in the industry desired. For instance, an aspiring magazine photographer should look for positions in the magazine industry. A portfolio is also required to gain employment as a photographer. The portfolio can be a combination of early and recent work, and this helps to show the progression in a person's photographic skills. Self-promotion is also necessary for landing assignments. Using local advertisements and word-of-mouth advertising can help solidify a photographer's professional career.