What Are Water Towers For?


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Water towers store water for delivery to homes and businesses. The height of the water tower is critical to delivering water. As the height of the tower increases, the water pressure also increases.

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Water towers can hold more than 50 times the water of an in-ground swimming pool. The exact size varies, but in general, water towers are designed to hold around one day's worth of water for a community.

While on-demand pumps could in theory replace water towers, a water tower has several advantages. First, in a power outage, the water still flows, at least until the tower runs out of water. Second, by using the potential energy of the water to deliver the necessary pressure during peak times, the pumps that fill the tower can be smaller, and they run more efficiently throughout the entire day at a moderated pace. Third, if the pumps have to be worked on or replaced, there is time to perform the needed work before any loss of water occurs. Fourth, some city codes require taller buildings to have water towers installed at the top of the building in order to have ready access to water in the case of a fire. Fifth, many communities take pride in their water towers and decorate them or design them as unique visual anchors to enhance the community and its perception with visitors.

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