Where Are Some Waste and Recycling Locations in Nashville?


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Waste and recycling locations in Nashville, Tennessee, include East Center, Omohundro, Anderson Lane Center and the Bordeaux Mulching Facility. Details about these centers' locations and hours, as well as about what items are acceptable at each location, are available on the website of the City of Nashville.

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East Center accepts both recyclables and certain trash items. Among the waste items residents can take to East Center are residential household trash, furniture, appliances, small amounts of carpet and mattresses. East Center is the city's only acceptable location for some items, including hazardous household waste such as cooking grease, can openers, motor oil, oil-based paints and oven cleaner. East Center and Omohundro Center are the only two locations that accept electronics items such as fax machines, handheld electronics, microwaves, pagers and radios. Unacceptable items at either location are electronics used for businesses or commercial interests, electronic waste from those outside of the county, truck loads of electronics, and work or commercial vehicle electronics.

The Bordeaux Mulching Facility is a special facility that receives non-commercial grass clippings, leaves, limbs, brush and untreated wood. Bags that carry the waste must be biodegradable paper, and the facility does not accept tree stumps or food composting.

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