What Does a Warehouse Worker Do?

The duties of a warehouse worker vary depending upon the needs of the company and may include organizing incoming and outgoing shipments, assembling products, and operating machinery. During a scheduled shift, a warehouse worker may focus on a specific job or switch between different tasks.

Some warehouse workers produce goods by hand, while others use computers to measure, cut and assemble pieces. Workers may also use computers to record inventory, track shipment data, and write reports detailing the progress of a project.

Many warehouse positions do not require a college degree or high school diploma. However, workers must obtain special certifications to operate certain types of warehouse equipment safely and legally, such as a forklift. A company may also require employees to obtain a commercial driver's license if workers leave the warehouse to perform deliveries or pick up items from other locations.

Warehouse work can be physically demanding, but employees are typically compensated with a rate of pay that equals more than twice as much as the federal minimum wage requirement for all jobs. On average, warehouse workers earn more than $18.00 per hour and put in slightly more than 40 hours per week at their jobs. Shifts may include evenings and weekends.