What Are Some Warehouse Stock Storage Options?


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There are several methods for maximizing warehouse storage space including changing aisles space, single deep selective racking and double deep selective racking. Examining existing warehouse space can yield opportunities to optimize a warehouse racking system. Not all inventory requires a racking system, and a basic block storage system stacks pallets of goods on top of one another up to a certain height.

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Three options are available for making warehouse aisles more efficient. Very narrow aisles are 72 inches to 78 inches wide, and utilize a large amount of warehouse space. This configuration requires use of special forklift trucks designed for maneuvering in tight spaces.

Electric forklift trucks can easily maneuver narrow aisle configurations, which are usually 108 inches to 132 inches in width. Narrow warehouse aisles are popular in North America. Large warehouse spaces are ideal for wide aisles that have a minimum width of 156 inches.

Most warehouses organize stock inventory using the single deep racking system. This is a highly flexible racking system that works for many types of products and multiple forklift truck designs. Single deep racking is ideal for all three-aisle configurations, and products are stored and retrieved efficiently. The double deep racking system stores items two pallets deep, instead of one pallet deep. This system requires forklift drivers to use an electronic reach truck with a scissor-extension mast, and is suitable for inventory picked at floor level.

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