Why Do You Want to Be a Midwife?

Being a midwife can be a satisfying career because of the midwife’s role in assisting new lives to enter the world. Midwives have an important role in offering their skills throughout the various stages of a woman’s pregnancy, which includes preparing a woman for giving birth and after birth.

A midwife has a high level of responsibility in her role which is unique and demanding, but which also provides much satisfaction. Midwives often find work in women’s homes, children’s clinics, GP surgeries and local clinics. Neonatal units and labor, antenatal and postnatal wards are also employment opportunities, according to the National Health Service. To become a registered midwife, a professional education at the degree level is required. Some nurses decide to change career direction and then register to become a midwife, while others might start out in a supporting role that requires less training and then eventually progress to take further midwife training.

Some midwives choose to specialize in specific areas of work and continue to further their learning, for example to provide clinical leadership to other midwives or to move into senior practitioner positions such as a team or unit manager that is responsible for managing other staff. Being a midwife offers a variety of exciting career roles such as health visiting, researching, teaching and counseling to prepare families for parenthood.